Living/Dining Rooms & Walkways/Hallways

  • Dust, sweep floors, vacuum carpets and floors
  • Mop hardwood & tile floors
  • Clean all glass surfaces/mirrors/picture frames
  • Dust and clean all baseboards
  • Clean and dust corners & edges, clean light switch
  • Dust and clean fans, blinds or shutters.


  • Clean stove top, microwave, refrigerator in and out (move to clean back) and all other appliances
  • Thorough cleaning of exterior and interior cabinets, etc.
  • Disinfect counter tops, garbage container
  • Mop floors and scrub floors if needed


  • Sinks, mirrors, toilets, showers, bathtubs, stand in showers, tile walls
  • Clean, polish and shine all wood/chrome surfaces
  • Clean and shine all metal items such as faucets and handles
  • Inside of cabinets


  • Mop floors, dust and clean baseboards, spot clean walls if needed, vacuum if needed
  • Dust and clean fans, blinds or shutters


  • Wipe, wash if needed, clean cobwebs.


  • Clean cabinets inside and outside, move out washer and dryer to clean behind.

Closets/Cabinets (clean/dust/wipe):

  • Inside of 1-3 closets (organizing and removal items/clutter is not included)

Windows/Frames/Mirrors (Standard size)

  • Windows: Standard apartment windows in all rooms cleaned inside and outside (larger windows extra charges will apply)
  • Frames: all dusted & wiped
  • Mirrors: all dusted & wiped