Each service will be performed or monitored personally by the owners of Quality Care Cleaning

Our service offers home watch at a frequency of two (2) times per month with meticulous interior and exterior inspections.

* Check all entries, windows and screened areas
* Checks for General Security
* Check Smoke Detectors
* Check Thermostat and Humidistat Settings for System Operation
* Check for Mold / Mildew
* Check Water Heater and Circuit Breaker Box
* Appliances are operated
* Flush Toilets and run all faucets
* Run Kitchen Sink Disposal
* Plumbing Fixtures Operated
* Check for water intrusion
* Check for Pest Infestations
* Monitor Maintenance of lawn and pool
* Mail Forwarding
* Hurricane Preparations
* Inspect for Major Storm Damage
* Notify Owner of Any Problems
* Guest Arrival Preparation *Start car engine or run the car as client requirement.

**Detailed inspection checklists are mailed at each month's end. **

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